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Elevate Your Beauty Business with BoothPOS - Time-Worthy Beauty Business Management Software

BoothPOS offers comprehensive solutions for your beauty business, enabling you to automate and manage every aspect seamlessly. Our beauty business management software serves as the ultimate one-stop solution, empowering you to run your beauty business with utmost efficiency.

Elevate Your Beauty Business to New Heights Under One Umbrella with Beauty Business Management Software by BoothPOS!

Effortless Offline Order Management

BoothPOS delivers a comprehensive POS solution that streamlines the handling of offline customer orders, ensuring swift processing.

Seamless Online Order Integration

BoothPOS offers a user-friendly website that establishes a virtual connection with your customers, facilitating hassle-free online order placement.

Efficient Beauty Service Delivery System

Our software offers a range of service options, including in-studio appointments and on-site beauty services, enabling you to optimize service operations for your beauty business.



To scale up business revenue

To reduce additional cost

For improving service quality

To enhance customer satifaction

For reducing mismanagement

To ensure a smooth collaboration

Key Features of Beauty Business Management System That Can Transform Your Salon

BoothPOS software is a comprehensive package containing all the essential features you need for your beauty business. Discover the complete beauty business management solution offered by these features. Excited to learn more? Dive into this section to explore BoothPOS software's feature set.

Beauty Business POS Software

To streamline appointment booking, automate customer data management, and ensure efficient communication with your beauty staff, integrating a POS system is essential for your beauty business. Incorporating a beauty business POS system into your operations is a valuable and time-saving choice. Our beauty business management system offers this exclusive feature to enhance your services.

Interactive Beauty Business Website

A fully functional website is indispensable for fostering better engagement with your beauty business clientele. It not only boosts your online presence but also elevates the overall customer experience. If you aim to receive online bookings and orders directly, bypassing third-party platforms, a dynamic and seamless website integrated with your beauty business system becomes a critical necessity.

Appointment Booking System

In the beauty industry, customers often prefer to schedule appointments before visiting. To provide a seamless appointment booking experience, it's crucial to have a robust booking system. With this feature, you can effortlessly handle both online and offline appointment reservations, ensuring a smooth process for your clients.

Product Inventory Management

In the beauty industry, ensuring a seamless supply of beauty products is vital. To handle a diverse range of products efficiently, you require an automated product inventory management system. This module enables you to effectively manage beauty products, variations, and product categories, ensuring smooth operations for your beauty business.

Staff Management

In the beauty business, effective management of your workforce is crucial for enhancing business profitability. To ensure the best utilization of your human resources, it's essential to recruit a skilled team and monitor their activities efficiently. Our beauty business management software provides a dedicated tool to help you manage every aspect of your workforce, from recruitment to performance tracking.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) System

In the beauty industry, customers are at the heart of your business. Recognizing this, we offer an exclusive CRM system that enables you to maintain detailed customer records. Additionally, you can create a comprehensive database of third-party customers, which proves invaluable for marketing and customer engagement purposes.

Appointment and Order Management

In the beauty business, the efficient handling of appointment bookings and order processing is paramount to your success. Therefore, you need a robust appointment and order management system to streamline these crucial activities. To address these challenges, BoothPOS - Beauty Business Management Software offers a comprehensive system for managing both online appointment bookings and order processing, seamlessly coordinating both aspects of your business operations.

Mobile App Integration

In the beauty industry, effective communication between customers, beauty professionals, and management is vital. To facilitate this, we provide three distinct apps: Customer App, Beauty Professional App, and Management App. These integrated mobile apps ensure seamless communication and efficient service delivery within your beauty business.

Financial Management

In the beauty industry, maintaining precise financial records is essential for successful business management. Without a robust financial management system, handling your financial statements can be challenging. To address these concerns, we provide a precise and automated accounting management feature that calculates your overall financial statements accurately, ensuring sound financial management for your beauty business.

Supplier and Purchase Management

In the beauty business, efficiently managing the procurement of raw materials and supplies is crucial. We've anticipated this need and developed a comprehensive solution. BoothPOS offers an outstanding feature that enables you to manage your suppliers and purchasing activities seamlessly, ensuring a smooth flow of essential materials for your beauty business.

Inventory Management

In the beauty industry, keeping track of your inventory is essential for efficient operations. However, manually recording every item and preparing detailed reports can be time-consuming. To address this challenge, we have introduced an inventory management feature that automates the process, allowing you to maintain an accurate record of your beauty products and save valuable time and effort.

Real-time Analytics

In the beauty business, tracking your progress and identifying areas for improvement is essential. Reports are not just documents; they provide valuable insights into your operations. Our software includes an exclusive feature for generating real-time analytics automatically. This feature allows you to stay informed about your beauty business's performance and discover areas where you can enhance your services.

Achieve Effortless Operations at Your Fingertips!!!


Online & Offline POS

POS Invoice

Parlor Dashboard

Counter Dashboard

QR Code Scanner

Data Filtering System

Multiple Currency

Multiple Payment Method

Commission Setup System

Parlor App

Customer App

Attendant App

Tools Management

Social Login System

Loyalty Program

Shift Management

Tax/GST Settings

Waste Management

Role Permission System

Coupon System

Menu Setup System

Database Backup System

Item Optimization System (SEO)

SMS & Email Configuration

BoothPOS: Beauty Business Management Software


Now, it’s time to operate your beauty business and track all activities from anywhere and at any time. Our service offers you full flexibility to manage your beauty business. With just a smartphone, you can effortlessly manage and monitor your beauty business. No need for desktops or laptops; you can oversee the entire process using our mobile app.

Customer App

Enhances Customer’s Satisfaction & Visibility

Beauty Management App

Facilitates Effective Communication with Your Beauty Professionals

Beauty Professional App

Enhances Productivity & Service Handling Process

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You’ve already been introduced to our exceptional services. Surely, you’ve identified the features that can help automate your beauty business and propel your network’s growth.


Incredible Success Awaits!!!


Leave behind the hassles of management! You can oversee every aspect of your beauty business through our beauty business management services. We provide flexible pricing packages for your convenience; simply subscribe to the package that suits your needs.

Now, you can relaunch or start your beauty business anew with a few clicks, without the headache of installation and hosting.

Whether You Move Slowly or Swiftly, Move with Care

Practical evaluation surpasses prolonged unrealistic research. Request a free trial and experience 21 days with our digital system.

BoothPOS: The Ultimate Destination for All Beauty Professionals!!!

BoothPOS software offers a smart and digital solution for your beauty business. Digitizing your business activities is essential in today's fast-paced world, and BoothPOS is your answer.

Let's Explore the Enormous Significance of BoothPOS

Maximize Your Revenue

BoothPOS offers all the essential features necessary for effective and precise beauty business operations. This ensures that you can amplify your profitability.

Boosts Beauty Business Popularity

We not only offer managerial solutions but also provide exceptional marketing features to enhance your beauty business's visibility and popularity.

Enables Parallel Operations

One of the most significant advantages of this system is its capability to enable operators to efficiently manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

User-Friendly & Accessible

Even without technical expertise, the entire system is designed for easy operation. This means anyone can effortlessly manage the entire process.

Tailored Design

While it's a comprehensive package, we also provide customization options. We will customize it according to your specific requirements.

Round-the-Clock Technical Support

Our primary focus is customer satisfaction, and our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Enhance the Inner Workings of Your Beauty Business

Just as the exterior aesthetics create a positive impression, the interior mechanism is equally crucial for customer satisfaction. By ensuring accuracy and efficiency, integrating these services into your beauty business can significantly enhance your operations.

All-In-One Solution, No Need for Alternatives!

BoothPOS offers a comprehensive package that includes everything you need for your beauty business. Managing a beauty business requires various functions, and it can be costly and time-consuming to integrate and operate individual systems.


The Best Choice Is the One That Fits Your Needs

Select the software that best aligns with your specific business requirements. Take advantage of our free trial to thoroughly evaluate how well it meets your needs.


What is beauty business management software?

Beauty business management software is a computerized tool designed to provide essential features for efficiently managing various aspects of your beauty business operations. This software assists in handling customer appointments, managing inventory, processing payments, and organizing client information. It ensures a smooth workflow in your beauty establishment.

Key features of beauty business management software include appointment scheduling, customer management, inventory control, financial management, app integration, and centralized database management. Additionally, this software can assist with appointment reminders, marketing, and reporting.

Booth POS is the ideal choice for your beauty business because it offers these essential features to efficiently manage your operations.

What are the benefits of beauty business management software?

Beauty business management software streamlines your business operations and offers several advantages to enhance your beauty business:

  1. Improved Customer and Employee Satisfaction: Enhance the overall experience for both customers and staff by efficiently managing appointments and services.

  2. Cost and Time Savings: Reduce administrative tasks and costs by automating various processes, resulting in time and financial savings.

  3. Error Reduction: Minimize errors and ensure accuracy in appointment scheduling, inventory tracking, and financial management.

  4. Increased Productivity: Automate routine tasks, allowing staff to focus on providing high-quality beauty services.

  5. Comprehensive Reporting: Access detailed reports to analyze sales data, assess performance, and make informed business decisions.

  6. Enhanced Customer Relations: Maintain a database of customer information, preferences, and appointment history to personalize services and build customer loyalty.

  7. Effective Inventory Management: Efficiently manage beauty products and supplies, optimizing stock levels and reducing wastage.

  8. Improved Return on Investment (ROI): Optimize operations and increase profitability, leading to a better ROI for your beauty business.

How can I purchase this service?

Purchasing beauty business management software from Booth POS is a straightforward process. Contact us and provide your specific requirements. We will customize the software to meet your needs. It’s important to note that Booth POS operates on a subscription model, and you can choose a subscription package based on your requirements. Monthly or semi-annual subscription fees are applicable, depending on the package you select. Explore our pricing packages to find the one that suits your needs.

Which type of beauty business can use Booth POS software?

Booth POS software is designed to cater to various types of beauty businesses, regardless of their size or specialization. It is suitable for:

  1. Salons: Hair salons, nail salons, and beauty spas can efficiently manage appointments, customer information, and inventory.

  2. Spas: Day spas and wellness centers can streamline scheduling, services, and product sales.

  3. Barber Shops: Barber shops can benefit from appointment management, client records, and retail inventory features.

  4. Beauty Clinics: Medical spas and cosmetic clinics can use Booth POS for appointment scheduling, client management, and product inventory.

  5. Makeup Studios: Makeup artists and studios can manage appointments, track product inventory, and offer appointment reminders.

  6. Tattoo and Piercing Studios: Tattoo and piercing businesses can optimize scheduling, client records, and inventory control.

  7. Beauty Retailers: Businesses selling beauty products can use Booth POS to manage inventory, process sales, and track customer preferences.

Booth POS offers flexibility to meet the needs of different beauty establishments, making it suitable for a wide range of businesses in the beauty industry.

How can I complete the billing process with Booth POS software?

Booth POS software provides a seamless billing system with point-of-sale (POS) invoicing. You can handle both online and offline order management with dynamic features.

For offline orders, navigate to the order management section and select the beauty products or services from the visual menu list. The software will automatically calculate the total bill, including any applicable taxes.

For online orders, the software manages the entire billing process from order placement to checkout.

Is there any delivery management system in Booth POS?

Yes, you can integrate a delivery management system with your beauty business through Booth POS software. If you have specific requirements or additional features you need for delivery management, we can customize the software to meet your demands. Contact us to make your beauty business dynamic and profitable.


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