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Digital Management

Those days are over when people used to manage their restaurant manually. Now it’s the era of digital technology, everyone has their own smart technology on their hands. Thus expects the same advanced and technical service from everyone.

And to catch this digital pace, your restaurant must adopt digital management technology. Restora POS offers exactly what your want:

Take Control On Your Own Hand

You can eliminate all the stress and tension of “not having a strong control and management system” in your restaurant. Now you can not only monitor but also control and record all the data.

With Booth POS, you can get all-in one solution for all your management related operations in your Beauty business, no matter what size and type your restaurant is. Easy managerial system for your beauty business.


Booth POS, quite strongly integrated with Website, App and Third party delivery companies. Moreover with this powerful integration your Beauty business can enrich the online visibility, establish the brand, and of course higher customer reach.

This integration system opens up the opportunity to manage, record and control all the synchronization of the payment data, order data, customer data, accounts data and optimize a chronological workflow at no-time.

Beauty Business Management Software

A digitalized Beauty Shop management system that covers all your management operations.

SaaS & POS Hardware

POS System, Hardware and ERP's on 100% SaaS Ecosystem flexible and scoreable Solutions to transform your business.

Product Distribution and Procurement

Partner with Us and Find a Product Lines or Distribution Partner and Grow your Business.

Smart Delivery Lockers

Streamline Delivery Systems with Smart Lockers technology from Parcel Drop-Off to the to Final Delivery.

Your Dream, Our Responsibility

Crucial Function Of Boot Solution

We are Delighted with Our Clients Satisfaction

Our Beauty business management software is designed for every type of beauty service business. With BoothPOS, Beauty professionals get gutting edge technology for every aspect of their business.

We are here for you. Our primary objectives is to provide excellent and timely  support to all of our customers.

Booth POS is not only a Point of sale system. It’s a Beauty business solution. Start managing your Beauty business with a business intelligence system.

Elevate Your Business to Success with Booth Solutions

No Matter What Type of Business You Have, Booth has the Perfect Solutions. Let's Identify Your Niche:

  • Salon & Spa
  • Beauty Franchise
  • Food & Beverage
  • Supermarkets
  • Courier
  • Universities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Shipping
  • Real-Estate

With Booth Solutions behind your business technology, you will propel your brand to new heights and ensure success in todays competitive  business landscape. Call Us and Revolutionize your brand today!

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